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Design Solution

Compact MP3 Player

The compact MP3 solution provides solution for designing pocket size MP3 player with voice recording ability. The solution provides flexible memory configuration for building MP3 player for low to mid range MP3 player plus voice recording capability. It supports advanced equalizer function. It also supports both Chinese and English song name display and simulated spectrum display.


MP3 audio playback
ADPCM voice recording
Equalizer support
Flexible memory configuration
---support internal memory size from 0MB to 5GB)
SmartMedia and MMC support
Logo display support
Chinese and English song name display
USB2.0 and Parallel interface support
Auto power off
Long battery life
Customization is welcome!

Email Phone

The Email phone integrates the telephone and internet appliance together. The solution provides an innovative solution for non-PC based desktop email solution. Using the software modern technology, the solution can utilize the high performance embedded RISC processor to realize different function in one device. It combines display phone, caller ID, email writer, FAX, digital answering machine and organizer into one device. This solution provides a very cost effective multi-purpose phone solution.


Multi-function integrated
Display Phone
Caller ID
Email Writer
Digital Answering Machine
Large LCD display-400x80 resolution, 65 columns x 10 rows
QWERT sub-notebook keyboard
Embedded Internet protocols for Internet access and email function
Optional WAP support
Software MODEM - V.34bis at
33.6Kbps or V.32bis at 19.2kbps
Telephone line interface built-in for direct connection to the phone line.
Type I Caller ID function
Call log-log incoming call with calling time, caller's number and message left indication
Fax function - send document out by FAX
Answering Machine function - 250 seconds of voice recording for incoming message
Basic Telephone features
Easy to use email function
Support SMTP and POP3 protocol
Support five different email accounts
Phone book - 500 entries phone book
Built-in USB interface and optional UART interface
AC/DC adaptor or battery operated
Customization is welcome!

Embedded Handheld Platform

The embedded handheld platform provides a pocket size processor platform for user to integrate different features to suit different applications. The platform is based on a PDA platform. It includes basic PDA functions plus communication and audio features. It features a high performance embedded RISC processor, CompactFlash, USB, software modem, IrDA to mobile phone SMS and internet connection, audio recording, MP3 playing. This solution provides a cost effective way for building portable device for different applications, like communication, education, etc.


High performance embedded processor
Built in Modem - V.34bis, communication ready
Built in Audio processing
Audio in/out for audio recording and playing
MP3 playing capable
Color LCD touch screen - 320 x 240 resolution
Simplified Chinese support
Chinese input method and handwritten support
Embedded Internet protocols for internet access and email function
Mini-Browser support
Optional WAP and SMS support
Flexible eBook
CompactFlash Type II slot
Built-in IrDA
Built-in USB interface and optional UART interface



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